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Free Software Update

The National Congress of Free Software created to concentrate on a selection of experts in the use of GNU / Linux and Free Software throughout the country in a traveling cycle talks and demonstrations to provide the participant with a comprehensive sample of what the Free Software and GNU / Linux, how is its implementation, features, and possibilities.

the National Congress of Free Software also gives space for the most prominent local speakers of each region present their issues in the event and demurred the potential that exists in our regions.

it is a led by the Users Group GNU / Linux of Venezuela effort UNPLUG  who has several years promoting Free Software and this time wants to concentrate its efforts on all those people and institutions that provide support, picking the best of this technology in Venezuela and thus highlight the potential of our professionals throughout the country.


 "The whole world has seen many local activities to promote Free Software
 or the GNU / Linux operating system. Now for the first time we see an activity
 national level that tries to spread ideas of freedom not only in computer
 in the capital but in all parts of the country.

 That is replicated in all countries! "

General Purpose:

  • Promote the implementation of Free Software in Venezuela through a traveling event that will generate a support structure and support User Groups GNU / Linux and Free Software throughout the national territory.

Specific Objectives:

  • Offer participants a comprehensive sample of what the Free Software and how its implementation, features, and possibilities, bringing knowledge to them in a traveling event nationwide.
  • Concentrating experts in the country to show the quality of the professionals with whom we currently have in the area of Free Software and related technologies.
  • Generate a documentary that relies on the product of the experience gained in the itinerary and thereby build an audiovisual material remaining as registration and educational material.
  • Create a structure to support the User Groups GNU / Linux who want to do events, festivals, lectures or any effort to the dissemination and use of Free Software.