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About us vertical portal is the first Spanish – language designed by and for Computer Engineers, students and any other professional involved in computer engineering.

Our goal is to be the meeting place, where we can expose our ideas, concerns, find help , make contacts, discuss issues, raise awareness of our profession, provide guidance for future engineers in computer science , etc.

we are entering the century of the hand of the new economy. Information technologies dominate the development of modern society. The computer is in every corner of our lives. For its development, the company has created a specific university degree for this area with the aim of training professionals capable of directing the computer science to the benefit of society itself. This portal about the world of computer engineering, both professionals and society who created us.

Portal development

This portal has been developed with a view to giving extensive coverage to our profession. Its development is done through the efforts of a large number of professionals who daily participate by contributing ideas, news, articles, projects, etc. Since computer science has invaded almost every aspect of our society, it is difficult without your help we can cover all areas where an engineer working in Computer Science. So we ask that if you do not find what you are looking for us to communicate to try to build the best possible website for our profession. Help us get the place we deserve, tell us your ideas, tell us what you expect from a place like this. Tell us where you work and what you do, what are your concerns, what you think of your career, what you missing.

A place to share

This site has been designed with the idea of admitting all kinds of work as well as links to the page that you believe should be known by all Computer Engineers. If you are passionate about a topic, if you have built your own site, if you want to publish articles, if you’ve written a great tutorial, ultimately, if you want to spread your work or your knowledge, this is the place where I share it with all your friends.

A place where to find us

This is the most important thing: share with us your professional interests. Surely if you do not find what you need, here you find someone willing to help.

Best regards and welcome to your portal.
“Leading the Future”